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Frequently Asked Questions


We welcome questions about our services and also any suggestions for improvement. If you are dissatisfied with any element of what we offer or wish to make a complaint then please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome any feedback good or bad to aid in development of the services we offer.

 01  How does this work?

Via the website you are able to purchase attendance to a single lecture or a set course of lectures. Once purchased you will receive an automated receipt of payment which will act as your proof of booking. You will also receive a link to your lecture. Please do not pass the link or Meeting ID on. The coach will be able to see the participants who are in the call and any unauthorised access will result in the users involved being blocked from future events. You will need to have sound turned up on your computer or device and a pen and paper handy. There will be opportunities for questions throughout the session either typed on the chat or if you have a microphone facility, to verbally ask them.  




 02  What happens if I can't log in?

If you have problems with logging in to the call please do not hesitate to contact us either via email, text or phone. Do not use the contact form in this instance as we may not be able to see your message in time. If we cannot resolve the issue then a refund will be offered to you or transfer to another lecture.




 03  I've missed the lecture time- what should I do?

If you have missed the lecture start time then do not panic. You should be able to join the lecture at any time but it will not be possible to go over missed content during that time. You could arrange for a one to one session to catch up on what has been missed at an additional cost. Unfortunately it is not possible to provide refunds unless 24 hours notice of non attendance is given but we can transfer you to another date.




 04  I want to study something that is not on your site?

No problem- please use the Contact Us form and we will see what we can do to help. We can offer bespoke training on a huge range of subjects.  




 05  Can you come to my yard?

In short- yes, however this will be dependent on distance. We are based in Kent but willing to travel, additional costs may be incurred. We are available for private and group coaching sessions, clinics and stable management lessons. Don't forget we also offer video coaching where we can discuss over video conference call along with the video playing at the same time.

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